GameTruck Franchise Ownership

GameTruck franchise ownership

GameTruck franchise owners come from all walks of life! There is no one type of box that GameTruck owners fit into, and that's what makes them so great!

Here are some bigger categories GameTruck owners tend to align with:

The family owners

A large group of GameTruck franchise owners decide to partner on this journey with those they love most and will share their passion for this opportunity. Husband and wife duos, parent and child, and even siblings have all come together to make GameTruck a family affair!

Corporate escape

GameTruck also sees a group of managers and executives that are tired of the corporate rat race and making someone else wealthy. They have unique business experience and savvy that they then finally apply to themselves.

Live to serve

GameTruck is a perfect fit for those who've dedicated their lives to helping others. Veterans, police officers, and fire fighters all make tremendous franchise owners. GameTruck's core is to have owners that are passionate about serving others and so it works very well in this model.

Independent professionals

GameTruck also aligns well with individuals that are already in business for themselves, but have the time and expertise for another opportunity. Insurance agents, real estate agents, and mortgage brokers are examples of these individuals that infuse GameTruck into their already independent work life.

The entrepreneur

Because of GameTruck's model and multi-unit success, career entrepreneurs are often drawn to this opportunity. They immediately think BIG, and look at multiple territories and trailers to really maximize their potential.

Common traits

Although they may come from many different types of backgrounds, all GameTruck Franchise Owners share a common set of traits:

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  • Passion
    • Passion to serve others
    • Passion for the GameTruck Brand
  • Business Minded
    • Thinks big picture
    • Can motivate and manage othersTenacity
  • Driven for success
    • Not afraid to make moneyTeam Oriented
    • Can interact and work together with other Owners
    • Can follow the proven system and model
  • Community Minded
    • Your GameTruck becomes part of your community
    • Has a finger on the pulse of the community around you

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Awards & Accolades

2012 Franchise 500 Ranked!
2013 Franchise 500 Ranked!
2014 Franchise 500 Ranked!
2015 Franchise 500 Ranked!