What resources does GameTruck give me?

What resources does GameTruck give me?

Getting started

As soon as you choose to partner with GameTruck, we immediately jump right in on helping you get started FAST! GameTruck has developed a comprehensive introductory training that covers anything and everything you will come across while being a GameTruck franchise owner. At GameTruck University, your training kicks off as your brand new trailer is being built so there is no wasted time. Our goal is to have parties booked for the 1st week of delivery of your GameTruck theater! A GameTruck representative makes the delivery and also provides some additional hands on training with your new equipment! You're in business for yourself but never by yourself with GameTruck.

Ongoing access and support

Training doesn't end after your launch. GameTruck constantly is communicating with owners about new products, equipment, and ways to grow your business. GameTruck also makes in-market visits with owners to provide face-to-face feedback and training. Access to the leadership of GameTruck is also something very unique to this opportunity; both CEO Scott and President David are just a phone call away. They are also the ones that make the in-market visits! GameTruck provides unprecedented ongoing access and support.

Helping your business grow

GameTruck also provides all the following to help you continue to grow!

Lead follow up

Our national booking center can help you follow leads and book parties through services intended to make selling your business easier.

  • Open 7 days a week
  • Trained to understand a GameTruck business
  • Extended business services available

Consistent marketing

From the wrap on your truck to the custom invites you send to customers, we design clear and consistent marketing materials to help you promote your business.

  • Brand standards
  • Social media assistance
  • Mailers, fliers, and more

Mobile billboard

With our branded vehicle wraps, your GameTruck is a mobile billboard. You advertise every time you drive (or park) your truck.

  • Designed to draw attention
  • Tailored to your audience

SEO friendly website

Every GameTruck location has its own customized site housed within and Google Places, with the ability to specialize your own SEO marketing.

  • Location specific information
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Editable content

GameTruck® approved industry partners

GameTruck is consistently adding industry partners to benefit your ROI.

ADP: Receive a 25% discount on business to business services. This will assist you in receiving a better ROI.

Batteries PLUS: Recieve wholesale pricing with net 30 billing through GTHQ

Stripe: Low credit card processing costs using GTHQ portal services. Extra reporting services to maximize your bottom line.

Nintendo: The leader in video games uses GameTruck to launch new games, receiving games prior to the general market.

ATC: Customizing our state of the art mobile video game trailer

Costs and Fees


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Total Investment

Gaming & Entertainment

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Available via 3rd Party

Financing assistance

Awards & Accolades

2012 Franchise 500 Ranked!
2013 Franchise 500 Ranked!
2014 Franchise 500 Ranked!
2015 Franchise 500 Ranked!