One of my favorite parts about working at GameTruck is that we have an opportunity to be involved in an industry that I am deeply passionate about. Video Games. Each year we make the pilgrimage to Los Angeles to preview up coming game releases and see what will work best for our owners and our guests.

The video game party business is an interesting business because we use technology to bring people together in person. So much of technology that also connects us, also isolates us. Our brand of gaming we call “couch gaming" - playing great video games on a large format TV with your friends.

E3 This year (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) is showing the direction and resurgence of many popular “Couch Games" like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Mario Tennis. Not to mention the fact that this generation of video game consoles are finally starting to come into their own.

Video game consoles have a somewhat predictable life cycle where the early, early games (re-launch) are often pretty, but not as satisfying because it was everything the development teams could do to get the software running on the new hardware. Writing software for hardware underdevelopment is never easy.

Once everything is stable however - which takes about a year - the teams can go to town making great games that show what the boxes are capable of. This Christmas, 2015 is that year for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Titles releasing this fall and beyond will be deeper, prettier, and most of all fun to play.

Our job is to scour the hundreds of titles at the show and find the ones that will bring couch gamers the best experience possible. It's a rough job sampling all those titles, but darn it. Someone has to do it.