Is GameTruck Scalable?

Is GameTruck scalable?

Take it to the next level!

GameTruck allows its franchise owners to really think big. Today, right around 40% of the GameTruck system is made up of multi-unit operations. As a GameTruck franchise owner your opportunity is not limited to one territory and one GameTruck rig. There are many benefits to multi-unit franchising with GameTruck, let's take a look at some:

FromOur Owners
We added our 4th trailer in February 2014. In September of 2014 one of our competitors went out of business and we purchased one of their rigs, giving us a total of 5. We average over 150 GameTruck parties per month. As far as our LaserTag operation goes, we average 25 LaserTag events per month. Having multiple activities has now given us access to large format events. We look forward to continuing to expand our entertainment offerings with GameTruck. David S. Long Island, NY
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Benefits of multi-rig operations

1. Share your resources

Whether it is employees or GameTruck equipment, the ability to share resources across multiple operations and territories is a great benefit. Sharing resources allows you to save time, money, and best position employees for success along with a career path.

2. Increase unit performance

Teamed up with GameTruck, you'll have the ability to make sure the proven GameTruck model is perfected across multiple operations. While managing from a top level, you will create best practices and operating procedures that will help the performance and consistency of your multiple units.

3. Maximize financial strength

As your operation grows, so does your financial potential and strength. You'll be able to receive earnings from multiple units, have greater market control in your territories, and give you more power in pricing and promotions.

4. Greater marketing reach

With multiple operations, one advertisement could represent all of your units, getting you much greater impact for your money spent. No matter the kind of marketing you choose, the ability to apply this across units is another great benefit.

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