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The video game industry

Today, the global video game industry is a $100 billion giant! The average gamer spends about 13 hours per week dedicated to playing video games. To put it lightly, the world is obsessed with video games! Video games can be found in almost every home, and draw passion from those who play. Video games appeal to all ages. GameTruck has developed programs for everything from educational on-site field trips to corporate team building and everything in between.

In our ongoing quest to stay on the cutting edge of gaming, GameTruck has a constant presence at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3), privy to private demo's and meetings. We're always looking to move forward and adopt new trends in gaming and technology to the couch gaming experience.

Working with GameTruck is an exciting way to always be in the know as to what the current gaming market is playing, whats hot, whats not and whats coming in the future. Jason P.

More than video games

For GameTruck, the video games and consoles are the tools used to help deliver the complete GameTruck Experience. But GameTruck isn't just about video games. They also offer owners the opportunity to develop mobile laser tag, which uses high quality equipment to recreate video game missions and adventures. Although everything starts with video games, GameTruck is always testing new offerings to grow and develop more ways to deliver excitement!

Mobile entertainment

GameTruck takes the party right to the customer! No set up or clean up. GameTruck delivers a unique experience of playing together. Most people think of video games as a solo experience, but not with GameTruck! In a GameTruck Theater, family and friends play with and against each other, not against strangers online. This provides a lasting and shared memory instead of something forgettable by yourself.

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